About us

Monytype India Limited was Incorporated on 30th September 1974, at Calcutta as a private limited company and converted into a public limited company on 23rd October, 1976.

The Company's object is to manufacture and/or import of `Monotype' hot metal typecasting machines; Monophoto filmsetting machines; Monotype computerised information systems Lithotex process cameras; Lithoprintex step and repeat machines; Lithotex powerless etching machines and a variety of ancillary Lithotex platemaking equipment.

  • Naresh Manakchand Jain
  • Akhilesh Vijay chand Jain
  • Harsh Jain
    • Sudarshana Mitra
  • Mr. Suryakant Maruti Kadakane
  • Pradeep Kumar Gupta
  • Whole Time Director
  • Ind.Non Executive Director
  • Director
  • Ind. Non Executive Director
  • Ind. Non Executive Director
  • Company Secretary